01 5 / 2014

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01 5 / 2014

Early childhood cavities is sometimes called baby bottle tooth decay and there are reasons for this which can be found on its causes. It is a serious disease that can badly damage the teeth of your child. Fortunately, it can be prevented. To understand fully about early childhood cavities, read on.

There are three causes of early childhood cavities:

  • Allowing your baby to sleep with a bottle. The sugary content of the liquid in the bottle stays around the teeth and this causes tooth decay. Even breast milk contain sugar.
  • Sleeping while nursing due to prolonged nursing with mother.


  • Letting the infant to walk around with a bottle on his or her mouth.

The simple solution to this is to put your child to sleep without a bottle on the mouth. However, your child may not that easily to fall asleep without the bottle. Here are some things you should try to do.

  • Allow your child to take with him or her a security blanket, doll, teddy bear, or any favorite toy to bed.
  • Sing him or her a relaxing music.
  • Rock or hold your child to sleep.
  • Rub your child on the back to help him or her to relax.
  • Tell or read your child a story.

Childhood cavities may lead to:

  • Tooth loss
  • Problems on ear and speech
  • Crooked permanent teeth
  • Tooth decay
  • Tooth pain
  • Not good self-image

Ways To Prevent Early Childhood Cavities

  • Ensure that your child make it a habit of sleeping without a bottle.
  • Never allow your child to sleep with a bottle filled with sugar water, milk, juice, or soda pop. If you can’t make your baby sleep without a bottle, fill it with pure water.
  • Never allow your infant to walk around with a bottle.
  • Visit your doctor or dentist to know if your child needs more fluorideevery day.

Healthy teeth and brilliant smile of your child vary on how much you care and understand early childhood cavities.

01 5 / 2014

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